The Caftan

The caftan, with its flowing, robe-like bodice, has been worn by many cultures around the world, for thousands of years.  The caftan first appeared in the States in the 1960s and is making a resurgence as of late.

Rachel Zoe, is a self-proclaimed addict, boasting a bananas collection of vintage caftans.  She loves them because for her, “fashion has to meet function, so a caftan allows for plenty of movement and comfort”.  Besides “What would a sandy beach escape be without a beautiful floor-length caftan to match”?

The caftan (or Kaftan) has become a symbol of fashionable beach life and therefore a must in the world of SPF Love.  The caftan acts as a cover-up but it should be pointed out that it will not protect you from a burn.  Cotton clothing provides the equivalent of an SPF 6, well below the recommended protection factor, which is at least 30.

The Surf Bazaar at the famous Surf Lodge has a great gauze collection with many styles, beyond the caftan.  For the beach, check out their Gauze Butterfly Dress, $150

From Two New York this very elegant full length Saira Caftan is also in gauze, which means it’s light and airy for hot summer days.  It is also available in a petite length!  $310

Cute and colorful, this three-quarter sleeve version from Joie is available at shopbop for $98.

Love these two bohemian versions from Letarte.  The full length Tie Dye Dress and super cute, belted Sangria Sunrise Tunic are both $218.

Sophisticated and fun, this ruched sleeved version is the Santorini Poncho from Beach House by Camilla. $199



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