Rashguards Go High Fashion

It’s catching on and it’s really exciting…

Shopbop introduced its latest collaboration, “a capsule collection of surf-friendly fashion” from the Sydney-based label, Zimmerman.  In addition to swimsuits and dresses there are four oh-so-stylish rashguards that deserve your attention.  They’ll get you with their super rad stop motion video. $185 – $195

It’s interesting to note: Australia is really the place to watch in terms of innovation in sun protection, as Australians are exposed to more UV radiation than any other populated continent.  As we all know, the ozone layer has been thinning over the past several decades and there is a large hole over Antarctica. Below is an image of this hole in 1979, then again in 2008.  Quite shocking.

1979 vs 2008With its close proximity to this hole, Australia sees much higher levels of UV radiation reaching ground level.  Having witnessed the dramatic effects, Australia has fast become the leading advocate in sun safety over the past decade.  The US has yet to follow suit, but I believe it’s imminent…



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