Spring Training

Bathing suit season is looming and if you’re anything like me, your fitness regime needs a jump-start.  Enter A Million Miles in May.

The Melanoma Research Foundation is challenging you to make a difference in the fight against melanoma by walking, running or biking – swimming, jumping or golfing your way to a collective ONE MILLION MILES.




What you need to know about joining:

• Take on any activity of your choosing. • If you already have plans for an activity in May, like a walk or other race, make sure to sign up and include those miles. • Perfect for families, schools and clubs to do – create a team • Use a pedometer or one of many free smart phone apps to keep track or buy an inexpensive pedometer from the MRF store. • Log your progress weekly – it’s the honor system – on your Headquarters page

You can make a difference by creating awareness and raising funds for research. We have many miles to go until we find effective treatments or even a cure.


Vogue on “How to Stay Stylishly Safe This Season”

There is no denying the power and the influence of Vogue. When Vogue talks style, people listen.  The following piece appeared in the controversial Kim and Kanye, April 2014 issue.


You can hide from the sun – or you can play.  Laura Regensdorf on how to stay stylishly safe in the sun this season.

After a brush with basal-cell carcinoma last fall, Hugh Jackman Instagrammed a photo of his bandaged nose (27,900 likes), followed by a shout-out to his dermatologist and his wife, Deb, who insisted he “get the mark on my nose checked.  Boy, was she right!”  Who needs public-service announcements – or thank-you notes – when you have social media?

More than two million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year, and that rate is climbing.  (Dermatologist Lisa Airan, M.D., says it’s “not necessarily a rise in incidence; it’s more a rise in detection.  Sometimes people don’t realize the old sun exposure is leading to new skin cancer.”)  Sunscreen – applied liberally and frequently – is our best defense, but Manhattan dermatologist Dennis Gross, M.D., warns it’s “not a coat of armor.” So, this season, we suggest expanding your arsenal beyond SPF, to include, say, a caftan-and-wide-brim-hat ensemble (see The Row’s spring runway); a chic face-shielding visor (Marni); or any one of J.Crew’s or Pret-a-Surf’s graphic surf-to-street rash guards. We even found a long-sleeved swimsuit.

HERE’S TO A HEALTHY GLOW  While fair skin has had a major fashion moment (and will continue to, if Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain have anything to do with it), there’s no denying the pull of an outdoorsy golden glow come summer. Clarins’ new self-tanning concentrate lets you customize your color: Simply add a few drops to your daily moisturizer or sunscreen.  Brand new out of London, James Read’s CoQ10-powered sleep mask is a night cream/self tanner in one (he promises it won’t ruin your pillowcase). Kanebo’s Sensai sunless tanners rely on sugar-like erythrulose instead of DHA to impart a subtle, post-vacation warmth that lasts mere days, no commitment required.

Or simply consider a few well-placed highlights, like a chicly burnished cheek.  Sisley’s bronzing powder contains micronized particles for a featherweight finish.


ADD A SLEEVE  Surf-girl rash guards have become a de facto summer fashion statement from Malibu to Montauk.  Not only do they provide an extra (waterproof) buffer against the sun, but the very best among them are made from UPF fabric – the textile equivalent to SPF.  Mott 50 and J.Crew offer a winsomely sportif mix of stripes, florals, and solids (no matter if you prefer page-turning to paddle-boarding).  Lisa Moore, designer of Dallas-based start-up Cover, was inspired to create a long-sleeved UPF 50+ maillot after her 23-year-old sister was diagnosed with a melanoma on her arm.  Even those who seek refuge under an umbrella might want to stock up: According to a recent paper in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, an estimated 50 percent of UVA exposure occurs in the shade.  (Cover long-sleeve maillot, followed by Mott 50 Charlize Swim T’shirt).

To see more, pick up the April 2014 issue of Vogue, on newsstands now.


Spring Preview: A Teen’s Perspective

Today’s picks are edited by Hannah C, a fashion forward high school senior who is wise beyond her years.  Over the summer Hannah is a beach lifeguard, so protecting herself and her beautiful 18-year-old skin is a priority.  Not always the case with teenagers (see some interesting research below*).

Hannah’s picks are from Anthropologie, who this season debuted a collection of rashguards from various high-profile designers.  Hannah told SPF Love: “Here are just a few of the rashguards that I personally fell in love with from Anthropologie:”

1) Nanette Lapore Etienne Rashguard and bikini, $90 and $144  2) Mara Hoffman Lotus Rashguard, $186  3) Mara Hoffman Rays Rashguard, $140  4) Mix and Match Rashguard in green motif, $68

*In a recent study, researchers with the University of California, Davis, and University of Colorado, Denver, conducted a randomized, controlled study of 50 high school students from February to March 2012.  Using educational videos focused on premature aging caused by sun exposure was more likely to improve teens’ sunscreen use than videos focused on skin cancer risk.  This is some really important info for you moms out there – try taking the “Magda” approach when speaking to your kids about sun exposure.



Hey Party People

Not only was My Life In Parties an event partner for the SPF Love Anniversary party they were our party consultants, adding style at ever touch point at last Monday’s event. Please click through to My Life in Parties blog to see all the party details from surf board cookies to custom cocktail napkins.

My Life In Parties is the blog of CT Designs, a boutique events and consulting company founded in 2010 by Catherine Tompkins, a Harvard MBA with a sick sense of style. After a decade in finance and investments, Catherine followed her true passion…parties.   In addition to planning services and blogging to bring you great party ideas, My Life In Parties launched their first capsule collection over the holidays, My Life in Parties Paper.

If you were at the SPF Love party last week, you were lucky to walk away with an exclusive run just for SPF Love.

Whether you are looking for an idea for your next gathering, your child’s birthday party or a seasonal event, look no further than My Life In Parties for party and design ideas. Lousy with details? Have CT Designs orchestrate your next event, from save-the-dates to parting gifts.  We at SPF Love highly recommend Catherine: her taste, connections and dynamism make for an amazing event. You know the drill: subscribe, like, follow.


SPF Love Anniversary Party Pics

Thanks to everyone who came out to party last Monday, a great time was had by all.  A big thank you to our event partners for providing amazing give aways and swag bag items: Benefit Cosmetics, Cabana Life, Coconut Bliss, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Emilie’s Pure and Simple Kitchen, Letarte Swimwear, MD Solar Sciences, My Life In Parties, RuMe, Hollie & Harrie and The Outdoors Contained.

The Swim Dress

SPF Love lives for innovation in the “smart beaching” category.  Therefore we are thrilled that Cabana Life has taken the rashguard to the next level – with the swim dress!

Cabana Life was founded by two Vanity Fair veterans, Melissa Papock and Alyssa Adams, who both have experience with melanoma.  The brand’s preppy, clean designs and modern prints are said to be faves of Madonna and Gwyneth.  They were a huge hit at the SPF Love Anniversary party on Monday, as two lucky ladies walked off with Cabana Life gifts.

Not only do we love the design, at $80 a pop, you can buy several. Shop Cabana Life’s collection of tunics and swim dresses here.



Party Monday!

Come for the boat drinks, come for the bronzing, come for the swag!  We couldn’t be more excited for Monday!

The Beach House will be serving “Beach Bums” and “Beach Margaritas” and upon arrival you can enter the win one of seven SPF Love favorites from our oh so generous event partners.  Can you say Hollie and Harrie Sombrilla in Chic Chevron Yellow?!

We hope to see you on Monday.






Spring Preview: Letarte

The Maui-based label was created by sisters Lisa Letarte Cabrinha and Michele Letarte Ross in 2000.  Their designs capture the brands Hawaiian authenticity as well as a cool, bohemian spirit.  A visit to one of their stores takes you on instant holiday.

We love Letarte Swimwear for all that they stand for and we love their rashguards because they are simple, yet bold. Their 2014 collection is no exception, great colors and styles. Join us on 2/24, as we toast our 3rd year, and you could go home with a Letarte Skull Rashguard!

1) Gray Skull Rashguard, $174  2) Navy Peace Rashguard, $174  3) Navy Hibiscus Rashguard, $174 4) Candy Reef Shorty Rashguard, $156.   Call or visit a store for paired bikinis and different color selections.



Please join us as we kick off spring break and another great year of smart beaching!

An evening not to be missed with swag bags and giveaways from our event partners: a Sombrilla from Hollie & Harrie; a $250 gift basket from Dr. Dennis Gross; our favorite rashguard from Letarte and more!  It’s our way of saying thank you for your support. Please bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Spring Preview: Pret-a-Surf x Thakoon

Pret-a-Surf was launched in 2010 by fashion industry veterans Jillian Demling and Karen Mulligan.  The duo was said to be shopping for gear for a Costa Rican surf camp adventure and were unhappy with what they found. Enter Pret-a-Surf: “Ready to surf and ready to wear. The Pret-a-Surf woman is one who wears a couture ball gown at night and a sensuous bikini by day.”

Pret-a-Surf recently collaborated with designer Thakoon Panichgul, known for his modern florals and the dress Michelle Obama wore when her husband accepted the Democratic nomination back in 2008. The Pret-a-Surf x Thakoon limited edition collection includes two mix-and-match bikinis and two rashguards, available only at Barneys.